I currently teach 30 minute and 1 hour private guitar lessons at Coffey Music in Westminster, MD. At this time, I am there on Fridays and Saturdays. Weekly lessons are $20.00 for 30 minutes, and $40.00 for a full hour. All levels welcome. I primarily teach classical, rock, finger-style, blues, and pop, but  can help you understand and master almost any style. For more information please email me through the "contact" page, or call Coffey Music directly and they'll put you in touch with me. You can reach them at 410-876-1045.

At CCC, I am part of the adjunct music faculty, and acting coordinator of the guitar department. If you plan on attending the school, we offer 30 minute or 1 hour private guitar lessons to both music and non-music majors. The content of what is taught in the private lessons differs from student to student. I attempt to cater the lessons around the student's musical interests as much as possible. There are several benefits to taking lessons at the college. The first being that you will earn credit for the lessons (adults and other community members can also take lessons as "continuing education" or non-credit). Secondly, there are several different guitar related courses, such as the guitar and rock n' roll ensembles, which might be of interest to you. In addition, the guitar community at the college is growing, and you will get the chance to meet new people, who are also studying the instrument. We have every level of player at the college. It's a great place to learn! If you are interested in studying guitar with me at the college, please email me through the "contact" page and I can give you more information.